Boys And Basketball

Every Sunday without fail, like clockwork after bible study, several of our neighborhood boys sit at the top of our driveway.  As they patiently call out ‘Teen’, ‘Teen’ – that is how they say Tim’s name –   they are checking in to make sure he will be taking them to the Centro of San Ramon to play basketball again that week!

Many of the boys in our neighborhood don’t have fathers living at home and appreciate time with the guys.  Tim and Tyler have been able to mentor some of them, ages ranging from 10-20 years of age, and it has blossomed into a basketball outreach ministry!

Just 15 minutes from our farm, guys from all over San Ramon come to play basketball at the courts in the center of town.  It doesn’t matter how hot or sunny it is, they are all there on a regular basis to shoot hoops, and have welcomed the ‘extranjeros’ into their community and their game. Friendships have grown, young boys have learned skills and felt like a part of the guys, and old men have gotten exercise (and limp around for a day or two after, but with a smile!).

Who knew that a love for the game could turn out to be another opportunity to get to know your community and share the love of Christ?!  So now, a basketball is in the car at all times, because you never know when an opportunity might arise to start an unplanned game!