The Coffee Starts Here

We started with a property right in the middle of long time Costa Rican coffee farming families, and it just seemed like what we were supposed to do!  Eager to be a part of the culture and our immediate community, we began preparing the land to receive our coffee starts.  Coffee plants typically take 3-4 years to grow into full maturity for harvesting, so our contribution to Coffee That Counts will hopefully be ready in the not to distant future.

Getting ahold of the best type of coffee for our region and the healthiest ‘baby’ plants took some doing, but we were able to have 1000 six month old coffee plants delivered by tractor to our property – there they were, full, green and beautiful, just waiting for a special kind of team to help us get them all planted while the planting time was at hand!

Faithful as He always is, God brought just such a team.  Pastor Jack Counts from California, along with his worship leader, Gary Izard, dawned their best coffee planting duds to get their hands dirty with the rest of our team, Tim, Tyler, Intern David Johnson, alongside of our Tico friends and helpers Jeank, Kevin, and Daniel, for a long weekend of some of the most exhausting and back breaking work on the side of a hill a man could do in the Costa Rican sun and heat.

With joy, thanksgiving and praise, the coffee planting team got 1000 beautiful, healthy coffee plants in the ground to decorate our hillside in an artistic fashion mimicking the beauty of the surrounding coffee farms in a start-up kind of way.  The team knew that this was the beginning of another outreach opportunity to grow coffee while supporting local farmers, business, and the missionary and fundraising efforts not only our ministry, but of other believers around the world through the business of Coffee That Counts.

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