Let Food Be Thy Medicine Workshop

Costa Rica is such a beautiful, lush place. Guava (guayaba here) fruit trees, passion fruit laden vines, and squash (ayote) grow wild, even on the side of the highways! There is such an appreciation by the locals of the free flowing food that grows seemingly anywhere.

I remember the first time I looked out of our front window and saw kids climbing the neighbor’s tree just to grab a few guavas. One of the children sat in the tree picking the guavas and proceeded to eat his guava at the same time as he was throwing some of his ‘loot’ down to the other kids waiting eagerly below. It was so innocent and sweet – the children were all so excited to be gathering a snack and enjoyed the tart, soft fruit with smiles on their faces.

In our time here, I have learned many of ‘gramma’s remedies’ from my friends.  They have shared with me how to cure a cough with honey and newspaper, what leaves to use as a tea for decongestant, and how to use a plant to cure a stomach ache to name just a few.  Thankfully, all of those things are right up my alley, as we have used natural means for medicine for a very long time!

As an outreach to teach the benefits of fresh food to the newer generation of processed and fast food junkies, in conjunction with the work that is done on our health website, Passionate For Truth, Pura Vida Missions invited us to hold a workshop.  The workshop was designed to explain how to use the herbs and spices grown in our greenhouse on the Relentless Ministries farm as ways to enhance the flavors of fresh food naturally.  We were also able to explain many of the health benefits of eating fresh, whole foods to the needy families of their sponsorship program to help their bodies physically as the sponsorship program works with them to help them spiritually.

We have gotten to know many of these families over the years as we have helped out at Pura Vida Missions to reach out, minister to, and serve the needy families that they support.  Some very sweet friendships have developed over the years as well.  Being able to hear their health concerns and give them tangible, affordable ways to regain their health naturally was a blessing to us as well as to them.

During the 3 hour workshop, families packed the area of the back salon of the mission and eagerly listened and learned about what foods are of detriment to their health.  Then we were able to encourage them in how to use healthy replacements of those staple items that they are so used to in order to strengthen themselves more naturally.  The response was incredible, and we are getting requests on a regular basis to hold more seminars in the future!  Everyone enjoyed the warm bone broth drink and veggie tray complete with home made coconut milk ranch for their snack at the end of the seminar;  they even took baggies full for those who didn’t make it to the workshop to go!  Sharing how God created our bodies and the foods that best benefit them was a great way to pour more truth into their lives and they received in with gratitude.

We look forward to planning more classes in the future, about food, cooking, and health to benefit all of the families in need of good health!