One On One Discipleship

Discipleship is at the heart of Relentless Ministries.  The hunger that we have seen by those we are surrounded with to know God and understand scriptures for themselves is an exciting thing.

Many are amazed to learn and experience that you can read the bible for yourself, understand what it says and means, and can experience the Holy Spirit opening their hearts, eyes, and minds in a way that they never knew was possible!  When you get to share with someone and study the Word of God, seeing the light bulb go on and the spark in their eyes is such an encouragement – God is so faithful to show up when you really seek him with all of your heart, soul and mind!

Tyler meets with young men and young adults on a regular basis to study and pray – some join us for bible study, but several of them prefer the one on one time to freely ask questions and study individually on an even more personal level.  Our hope and prayer is that they will take what they learn and continue to move on following the Lord with all of their hearts!  The seeds have definitely been planted and watered!