Everything Has Changed

Everything Has Changed – Landon Bourland

I arrived in Costa Rica July 1st. From there, Tyler picked me up from the airport, and my journey began. I should say that there are two other God loving interns staying here with me and I have already made connections and I can safely say, friends with them.

Anyway, we wake up at like 8:00 am and go out to the front patio for worship and immediately after, go into our alone time to read that day’s chapters from the Bible and pray for EVERYTHING! I love it here. I can easily say that I will have a lot of fun here, while also doing what the Lord has called not only me to do, but called everyone to do! At first, I was thinking that I wanted to go help in a mission and help people in need, which don’t get me wrong, I definitely do, but I also realized how little I know about Jesus Christ and the Bible. This discipleship program is really urging me to grow closer to God and learn his ways and what he really wants me to do for Him in my own life.

My eyes have been opened and I can’t thank the people I am surrounded with enough for helping me realize how as Christians we need to get back to God’s Word as the ultimate authority in our lives.

When I first got here, I went through an introduction into this way of life, and the first thing Tyler asked me was “who is Jesus to you and how well do you know him?” and I answered him, and then he asked me, “now, we know that the Word Of God made flesh is Jesus Christ, so how well do you know His Word?” This turned my way of thinking in a total 180 degrees. Reading the Bible is the only way to learn more about God and who He is. Anyone can tell you who He is, but until you open the Bible and learn for yourself, you will not know Him like He wants you to know him.


I have learned that prayer is extremely powerful. Before coming here, I had absolutely no faith in prayer. Now, I have seen what it can do and it is amazing! The idea that prayer can accomplish awesome things is not only in the Bible, these things can happen in today’s world with faith. I encourage you to read this article if you are having any doubts about doing missionary work. This is something that you should not be scared of because it is amazing and is needed. The point is, don’t sit back and wait for other people to do something or make up excuses for why you can’t, and just go and do it. Make God happy! As Disciples of Christ we have to be willing to go anywhere and do anything God asks of us. God gave His life for us. We must be willing to give anything and everything up for Him, even if it costs us our lives. Nothing else matters but God’s will and His plan for your life. Jesus tells us that He has chosen us we have not chosen Him.

I still have a lot more to learn and experience over the next week. I can say right now that over the three weeks I have been here, my life has totally changed, like a full on 360°, and I hope it will keep changing into my God’s favor.

– Landon Bourland

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