A New Wardrobe



We take so much for granted!

How often do we all go through our closets and get rid of things that we just don’t want anymore – the item is outdated, a little worn, doesn’t fit right, or you just need more room in your closet so that you can hang up the new things you have bought/want to buy?

One of the things that we have learned to appreciate living where we do is that nothing is ‘waste’, and everything is appreciated!  There have been many times that we have a pair of shoes, for example, that have completely worn out, and have holes where our little toe is peeking through.  Basically, they’ve seen better days.  No matter the bad condition that we think the shoes are in, we will usually have someone at our house who asks if they can have them!  To see the joy on their face, no matter the fit of the shoe, when they can switch out their pair which are usually MUCH worse off than our old shoes, for something that is like new to them is humbling.  The needs are so great – everything from clothing to food, bedding to umbrellas – that every day could be spent just supplying the physical needs that surround us.  Thankfully, in supplying many of the physical needs, it opens the doors of opportunity to meet the more important spiritual needs!

We are very grateful for those who recognize the needs around them and are actively looking for places to donate their excess, extra, and even their money to purchase clothing and shoes for others who can’t afford to do it for themselves.  There are families in our own neighborhood, as well  indigenous tribes who are living on their land, in extreme poverty all around us.  Some even live at the dump sites, scavenging through literal garbage to find that one treasure that could make all of the difference for their personal or family need.

We were privileged this last month to be able to help out a young man who works with families in the Ngobe tribe.  We were made aware that many families were in need of clothing and educational materials, and thanks to the donations that we had received, could supply some of the women and children.

Meeting young people with a heart to give of their time and their hearts to help others is a privilege.  Staying available to support the work that these young people are called to do in supporting the weak, preaching the Good News, and feeding/clothing the poor is what we have been called to do.  Thank you to all of our friends and family who have been a part of the hands and feet of Christ to bring some joy to and meet the needs of hurting people.  The needs are everywhere, but every little thing to one of us can be huge to someone else!